“Everything we use, it was taken away from nature on one way or another, it did destroyed nature in one way or another.”

Fabian Lliguin – Ecoagents – New York  


Eco to go is created to reduce the human impact into the environment.

When doing mundane things.

Reducing the higher environmental impact form the To Go live style. by becoming Eco To Go live stile.  

Common daily used objects are polluting the ocean and thelandfills including backyards.

The below are the most common, and the one you may have control to reduce it.

  • Orders on food to go or for delivery
  • Using shopping plastic bags
  • Single plastic objects usage, water bottles etc.
  • Straws contamination
  • Cigarette butts
  • Paper package
  • Plastic package
  • Excessive Printing on paper

Solution to the problems

First you need to commit to help.

Any helping efforts will be considered a progress. 

Commit to:

  • Avoid single plastic usage.
  • To all of the below.
  • Some of the below.
  • Orders on food to go, or for delivery, When order food to go. Ask the attendant to“please do not send forks knife, spoons and or napkins”
  • Accepting shopping plastic bags: remember bring your own bags. Bring Fabric bag orreuse the plastic bag as many times as possible, avoiding single plastic usage. 
  • Plastic bottle: single use water bottles etc. bring your own water bottle, coffeecup, own forks and knife ( food tasted better with real utensils )
  • Straws contamination: drink directly form the cup or get a metal or woodstraw. 
  • Cigarette butts: put them on the garbage to avoid ocean contamination.
  • Paper package. Break down the paper and create new paper notes from it. ( funtherapy).
  • Carto boxes: Reuse the boxes.
  • Plastic package: reuse bubble wrap, or peanuts on packages going out.
  • Excessive Printing on paper: think before printing, and reuse other paper side as anote book